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New Upcoming Commercial Projects in Gift City Gandhinagar

Gujarat International Fin-Tec City, popularly known as GIFT City, is an ambitious project aimed at creating a world-class hub of financial and information technology services. The project includes a Special Economic Zone, which houses an International Finance Services Centre (IFSC). The IFSC has been set up to cater to the growing demand for financial services transactions that are currently being conducted outside India by foreign financial institutions, as well as by overseas branches and subsidiaries of Indian financial institutions.

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The IFSC offers a host of services, including banking, insurance, capital markets, and asset management. It is designed to meet globally benchmarked standards and provide a secure, efficient, and transparent platform for conducting financial transactions.

The regulatory framework governing funds in the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) has undergone notable improvements as part of a broader effort to facilitate the establishment of financial services intermediaries in the region. This has resulted in the IFSC emerging as a viable alternative to popular fund jurisdictions around the world, such as Singapore and Mauritius. These changes have made IFSC an attractive option for global investors looking to explore new financial opportunities.

Investors are primarily interested in the potential benefits of investing in GIFT City. This comprehensive guide will delve into the new upcoming projects in GIFT City, in which you can invest your capital and watch it multiplying over time.

Perks of Investing in GIFT City

Although the foundation of GIFT City was handed in 2008, but due to a bit slow development process, GIFT City started to be envisioned as a global financial hub, offering comprehensive financial services to individuals and businesses across the world, from around 2015. It has been designed to cater to the needs of those seeking financial assistance outside their domestic economy and has been instrumental in facilitating cross-border financial transactions.

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With its innovative infrastructure, GIFT City is a new-age business district in India, striving to compete and establish itself among other world-renowned business districts. Its well-connected network and modern amenities have generated immense interest among businesses, who are eager to own properties in GIFT City.

The Indian government has been actively pursuing new opportunities to boost the number of enterprises in the Gujarat International Finance Tec City (GIFT City). The GIFT City International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) aims to foster partnerships with potential investors to establish India as a global hub for the money management industry. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure that is comparable to other major financial centers across the world, coupled with a favorable tax system and a well-structured regulatory and legal framework, GIFT City is poised to become a leading destination for financial services.

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The city offers a world-class ecosystem that facilitates the growth of businesses in the financial sector, thereby enabling them to operate with greater efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring compliance with international standards. 1. Affordable

Unlike Mumbai and Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar are not metropolitan cities, hence, the property prices in GIFT City are lower compared to other metropolitan cities. Investing in GIFT City is an affordable option for those looking for a change in their investing format. 2. Inter-state Connectivity

The value of a commercial project is often determined by its ability to connect with other regions seamlessly. In this regard, the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) stands out as a remarkable feat of infrastructure development. The DMIC project comprises several smart cities, Special Economic Zones (SEZs), and advanced facilities to support businesses. 

Gujarat, being the largest contributor to the corridor, has established several large-scale Special Investment Regions (SIRs) to boost the region's economic growth and development. These SIRs provide a range of benefits to investors, including world-class infrastructure, streamlined regulatory processes, and access to a highly skilled workforce. 3. Modern Infrastructure

The region offers remarkable and well-developed infrastructure, along with favorable locations that are ideal for strategically designing and positioning commercial buildings. These unique features have the potential to attract foreign investors and encourage them to invest in the lucrative real estate market of the area. 4. Growing Industries

Gujarat has always been one of the first government preferences to establish industries from other states. Unlike other states, Gujarat has an abundant piece of land to provide enterprises and favorable conditions and rules.

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5. Make in India

In 2014, a remarkable campaign was launched with the primary objective of enhancing the business environment by focusing on the Gujarat Industrial Policy. The initiative aims to promote the growth of small and medium-sized businesses in the region. In this regard, several regulatory measures, venture capital assistance, and quality certifications have been introduced to create a favorable business climate. 

The campaign has already allotted a significant portion of the Built-Up Area (BUA) of 62 million square feet (Mn. Sq. Ft.) for the development of commercial, residential, and social amenities. Specifically, a total of 15 million square feet (Mn. Sq. Ft.) of BUA has been earmarked for this purpose, which is a significant step towards providing infrastructure that supports the growth of businesses and improves the quality of life for residents in the region.

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The real estate industry in Gujarat is currently experiencing a remarkable surge in growth, which presents a plethora of opportunities for investors seeking a prosperous future. With the implementation of progressive policies and rapid changes in norms, real estate investors can rest assured that their investments are not only secure but also highly lucrative. 

In fact, Gujarat is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for individuals seeking to maximize their returns on investment. Among the various options available, there are numerous offices for rent in GIFT City, which has emerged as a popular destination for new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Thanks to a new strategy that allows investors from other states and countries to enter Gujarat's real estate market, the industry is poised for even greater growth. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, Gujarat's real estate market provides ample opportunities for those seeking to grow their wealth and secure their financial future.

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