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GIFT City: Game-changing Hub for Indian Entrepreneurs

Indian real estate and business market has encountered a constant rise since the past decade. And Gujarat’s GIFT City has given the rise a significant boost. GIFT City, Gujarat International Financial Tec-City stands tall as a symbol of India's aspirations to become a global financial and technological powerhouse. Established with the vision of c

Indian Government to Give Data Embassies in IFSC GIFT City

In today’s digitally defined era where our world is facing a tremendous expansion of digital data which has increased the importance of  data sovereignty. Because of this businesses and governments have started to struggle with a complicated challenge of securing and managing sensitive information. In this digital era, where data is everythi

GIFT City is Ready to Set up a Global Hydrogen Trading Mechanism

In an era where renewable energy sources and sustainable practices are at the forefront of discussions worldwide, the emergence of hydrogen as a clean and versatile energy carrier has garnered significant attention. The need to transition towards greener energy solutions has led to a surge in hydrogen production and distribution. Recognizing the

IFSCA’s Gift To GIFT City: Two Japanese Banks Prepare to Start Their Operations

GIFT City, India's first operational smart city and International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) is proud to welcome two new Japanese members to its campus. Following the footsteps of American, Australian, and Arabic members, MUFG Bank, the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, is the first Japanese bank to inaugurate its branch in Gandhinagar's GIFT C

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