GIFT City to Get A Twist in Its Architectural Marvel

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GIFT City to Get A Twist in Its Architectural Marvel

Gujarat International Finance Tec City, AKA GIFT City, stands as a testament to India's unwavering commitment to innovation and modernity in the realm of urban planning. Nestled strategically in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar, GIFT City was conceived as a visionary global financial and technological hub. Over the years, it has consistently lived up to its reputation, evolving and expanding in impressive and forward-thinking ways. Among the many architectural wonders that grace this city, The Curv by Shivalik group is poised to become an iconic symbol of GIFT City's dedication to excellence and innovation. In this blog post, we embark on a fascinating journey to delve deeper into this extraordinary architectural masterpiece and explore how The Curv is set to redefine the very essence of modern urban architecture. As we cast our gaze upon this modern marvel, we are bound to be captivated not only by its physical form but also by the ethics and vision that lie behind its creation. The Curv - A Futuristic Architectural Masterpiece

GIFT City’s officials have approved the proposal for GIFT City’s very first TWISTED building, with a budget of almost Rs 700 crore. The Curv will be a 32-storey commercial building built by the Ahmedabad-based construction group, the Shivalik Developers. With the release of this innovative project, Taral Shah, the MD of Shivalik Developers, shared his thoughts, “This will be GIFT City’s first twisted landmark and built in the Domestic Tariff Area (DTA). It will have about a million square feet of commercial spaces, where the ground level will have retail spaces, and the remaining 32 floors will consist of office spaces.”

Mr. Shah also added, “GIFT City has cleared the plan, and we also got the RERA approval a couple of days ago. The construction will begin in the next two months. This is our first commercial project in GIFT City, and the project cost will be around Rs 700 crore. Office spaces will be available at Rs 7000 per square foot.” The most popular INI Design Studio has designed The Curv. In fact, Dubai’s Gateway Towers, GIFT City’s under-construction World Trade Centre, Surat’s Diamond Bourse and the redevelopment projects of Varanasi ghats on the Ganga riverbanks are carried out by INI Design Studio. As you approach the building, you'll notice a striking feature that sets it apart from the rest - the twisted columns that wrap around the exterior of the structure. These columns, present on every floor, create an elegant and seamless curve to the building's form. Stepping inside, you'll be greeted by a grand lobby that spans an impressive 300 feet in length. This spacious central area offers a breathtaking view of the ground level from various passageways on each floor. The building is designed with environmental sustainability in mind and boasts nine high-speed elevators that make commuting a breeze. The Curv is set to be built around 200 meters away from the upcoming Metro Railway station in GIFT City. The area has already seen a surge in demand for residential spaces, with Shivalik Developers having launched a project nearby, with 90 percent of the available space already sold. GIFT City is currently home to 16 towering buildings, with an additional 27 under construction, promising future development of around 9-10 million square feet.

Ending Note

As GIFT City continues its relentless pursuit of becoming a global financial and technological powerhouse, it consistently introduces architectural wonders that push the boundaries of imagination and innovation. The Curv, with its eco-friendly design, cutting-edge technology, versatile spaces, and immense economic potential, represents a significant leap in this ongoing journey. With The Curv, GIFT City not only reaffirms its dedication to excellence but also adds another gem to its ever-evolving skyline. This architectural marvel is poised to become a symbol of modernity and progress and a testament to the city's unwavering vision for the future. So, now you have got another reason to invest in GIFT City. If you want to invest in GIFT City’s The Curv, contact us and get guidance from the best commercial property consultants. At RES Management, you will find the best commercial property for your investment purposes.

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