Adani to Launch its New Aircraft Leasing Unit at GIFT City

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Adani to Launch its New Aircraft Leasing Unit at GIFT City

After Air India, Gujarat’s GIFT City is all set to welcome another aircraft leasing unit into its premises. Adani Post and Special Economic Zone (APSEZ), India’s leading multinational logistics corporation, has officially announced to launch of their brand new aircraft leasing unit, a fully-owned subsidiary company named Udanvat Leasing IFSC Unit, at none other than India’s rising fin-tech hub, GIFT City. This aircraft launching news was disclosed in an exchange filing on both the stock exchanges of India - Bombay Stock Exchange as well as the National Stock Exchange. The exchange filings also disclosed further details, stating, “Udanvat is incorporated in Gujarat International Finance Tech-City (GIFT City), Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, and is registered with the Registrar of Companies, Gujarat at Ahmedabad on October 23, 2023.” The Adani Group has a strong foothold in the Indian aviation industry, with its subsidiary, Adani Airports Holding, managing a total of seven airports across the country. These airports are strategically located in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Jaipur, Thiruvananthapuram, Guwahati, Lucknow, and Mangaluru. The Adani Group's presence in the aviation sector has allowed it to apply significant influence in shaping the future of air travel in India.

The new aircraft leasing unit will focus on providing aircraft leasing services to airlines, both domestic and international. With the significant growth in the Indian aviation industry, Adani APSEZ’s strategic move of launching an aircraft leasing unit plays a key role in the leasing market, bridging steady revenue streams and facilitating the acquisition of modern aircraft.

The recently launched new aircraft leasing unit is designed to provide the needs of domestic and international airlines. Adani APSEZ’s entry into the aviation market came at a time when the Indian aviation industry was experiencing significant growth, and the demand for modern aircraft is still on the rise. With this strategic move, Adani APSEZ aims to tap into the leasing market and provide steady revenue streams while facilitating the acquisition of modern aircraft for its customers. This new venture is expected to play a key role in the Indian aviation industry and bring in more opportunities for growth and development.

The establishment of the aircraft leasing unit in GIFT City is a strategic move, as GIFT City is a flourishing financial hub renowned for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and favorable business environment. The location provides a host of advantages, including tax incentives and a streamlined regulatory framework, making it the perfect destination for Adani APSEZ's expansion plans in the aviation industry.

Adani APSEZ's latest move to set up an aircraft leasing unit is part of its long-term business strategy to diversify its portfolio and seize emerging market opportunities. By establishing this new leasing unit, the company is aiming to capitalize on the growing demand for aircraft leasing services in the Indian market.

Adani APSEZ's entrance into the aircraft leasing industry coincides with a time of significant growth in the Indian aviation sector. The Indian government's emphasis on enhancing regional connectivity, coupled with the growing demand for air travel, has resulted in a greater need for leased aircraft. By leveraging its extensive experience in logistics and infrastructure, Adani APSEZ is well-equipped to meet this demand and adapt to the evolving requirements of the aviation industry.

The Rising Fin-Tech Hub - GIFT City

GIFT City, which is located in India, has the distinction of being the only International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) in the country. It has partnered with the International Finance Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) to strengthen India's position as a significant hub for aviation financing and aircraft leasing. The primary objective of this collaboration is to attract airlines and lessors to India by offering them an alternative to conventional leasing centers like Dublin and Singapore. In September 2023, Air India made a significant move by acquiring India's first Airbus A350-900 aircraft. The process was made possible through a finance lease transaction with HSBC, facilitated via GIFT City. The move was a part of the airline's initiative to modernize its fleet. IndiGo has also expressed interest in joining the initiative and is currently exploring options to finalize a similar transaction facilitated by GIFT City, with financial support from the Bank of China.

Final Say

Adani APSEZ's recent venture into the aviation sector through the launch of an aircraft leasing unit in GIFT City is a significant and strategic move aimed at diversifying and expanding the company's portfolio. By leveraging the increasing demand for leased aircraft, Adani APSEZ plans to strengthen its foothold in the market and simultaneously contribute to the economic growth of the region. The new venture is expected to create employment opportunities, enhance the infrastructure, and boost the overall development of the aviation industry in the area. The move to venture into the aircraft leasing industry is anticipated to bring about a surge in employment opportunities the demand for commercial properties at GIFT City as well as bolster the economic growth of GIFT City. The launch of the novel unit is expected to attract investments and elevate the aviation landscape in the locality. If you are planning to invest in the best commercial properties of GIFT City, then consult the best real estate consultants in Ahmedabad, RES Management. Contact us today and get the best real estate guidance.

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