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  • Author: Vishwanath Vyas
  • September 25, 2023
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Commercial Property

Ahmedabad has become one of the fastest-growing commercial real estate sectors in India, and the launching of multi-millionaire projects at Gujarat’s GIFT City has given this growth a significant headstart. Multi-national companies from all around the world have set their eyes on Ahmedabad for launching their businesses in this tremendously growing market. The financial and economic growth has given the real estate market a good push to constructing new and advanced commercial spaces. This is why the value and demand of commercial shops for sale in Ahmedabad are on cloud nine.

What are commercial properties? Properties that are used for commercial purposes (business purposes) and not residential purposes are known as commercial properties. These properties are also called mobile properties, as they are acquired for investment or rental purposes.

Properties like:

are considered commercial properties as they are used for business work.

How to Find the Right Commercial Shop in Ahmedabad for Your Retail Business? 1. Right location

A business's success is determined by its location. Choosing the correct commercial shop can benefit your business and investment in the long run, as it also aids in capital appreciation.

2. Property construction and structure

In the world of commercial real estate, modern and updated office parks command higher rents and longer leases. This is due to their sturdy construction, increased energy efficiency, and secure foundation. Indicators of a Grade-A office space include glass facades, high energy efficiency ratings, thoughtfully designed lobbies, multiple elevators, and ample parking options. 3. Supply and demand of the property 

It's helpful to read detailed research reports from trusted brokerage firms. It's also a good idea to do your own research by talking to your local best real estate brokers. This can give you a better understanding of Ahmedabad City's micro-markets and help you form an opinion.

4. Property prices: Actual vs. Fictitious The commercial shop sale prices keep on fluctuating. Also, the prices depend on the areas where the commercial shops for sale are located in Ahmedabad. However, if you have dug down researching the market, then you must be aware of the rates going on in the market.

5. Shop Design Commercial shops typically do not come fully furnished unless you have specified your requirements. The architecture and design of the designated carpet area, as well as the type of fit-outs (such as high-quality cabinets, a well-designed ceiling, and high-quality carpeting), are part of the capital expenditure expense incurred by the investor during the purchase. Having high-quality fit-outs is advantageous even after the current tenant has left.

6. Lock-in period and security deposit The clauses outlined in a lease agreement are crucial. Lease durations vary from 5 to 15 years, and opting for a long-term lease is often a wiser investment. Paying a security deposit to the landlord is a demonstration of trust and consistent financial stability on the tenant's part.

Typically, a security deposit equal to two to three months' rent is required. A longer lock-in period indicates the tenant's strong business prospects and commitment to the lease, making the transaction more appealing.

Over to you

Investing in commercial properties can provide fruitful returns, unlike residential properties. However, finding the perfect commercial space requires extensive research. That's where RES Management comes in. As a real estate expert, they can assist you in locating your ideal commercial space. Consider consulting the best commercial shop in Ahmedabad for your business At RES Management, our wealth of market experience and knowledge enables us to help you find the perfect commercial property. Whether you're a buyer or seller, we are dedicated to providing you with expert assistance for all your real estate needs.

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