Best Commercial Offices for Rent in Ahmedabad within 30K to 50K

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Best Commercial Offices for Rent in Ahmedabad within 30K to 50K

Multiple factors play a different role in making a business successful. Out of all these factors, business’s location is the one that plays the most crucial role for a successful business. Talking about business location, Gujarat’s emerging metro city, Ahmedabad has become the most favourable location for businesses to setup their office spaces. Whether it is a startup business, a multi national company, or an industrial unit, every business has to face the challenge of finding the right location to setup their commercial office, but Ahmedabad has got the right office space for rent that you want for your business. Finding the right commercial office space for rent in Ahmedabad is quite a tiresome task. But we have got you covered by shortlisting the best commercial office for rent in Ahmedabad that fits yoru business budget and requirements.
Office for Rent in Makarba

Titanium Heights is one of a renowned project located in underrated corporate area, Makarba. The commercial building offers amazing premises for corporate offices and individual offices. With amazing amenities, the commercial project is an ideal space for every business unit, and the credit goes to its amazing architecture blending with commercial and corporate space allocation. For employees, a range of commutation options, including bus, autos, cabs, etc. are readily available in vicinity.

Office for Rent in Prahladnagar

Goyal Palladium stands out as a cutting-edge business center, designed to be a catalyst for the next wave of entrepreneurial success stories in India. Known for their excellence, durability, and reliability in commercial projects, Goyal & Co. developers have made a significant mark in Ahmedabad. Situated in the prestigious Prahladnagar area, the complex is an ideal choice for those seeking commercial office space for rent in Ahmedabad. Prahladnagar is renowned for its top-notch medical facilities, excellent restaurants, and charming cafes, making it a prime location for businesses. Goyal Palladium offers an exceptional corporate office environment, featuring serene and sophisticated interiors, vibrant wall art, and colorful booths. This architectural masterpiece embodies a meticulous blueprint of excellence, providing a focused and inspiring workspace.

Office for Rent in Makarba

World Trade Tower is poised to be the future of business centers. Renowned for their excellence in quality, durability, and reliability, the developers behind World Trade Tower have made a significant mark in Ahmedabad's commercial real estate sector. This commercial complex embodies the ambition to foster a new generation of successful enterprises in India. Situated in the prestigious Makarba area of Ahmedabad, the location is perfect for those seeking office space for rent. At World Trade Tower, you'll find an environment that enhances focus with its serene decor, luxurious interiors, vibrant, and meticulous architectural design, all contributing to its status as an architectural masterpiece.

Office for Rent in Iscon-Ambli Road

Shiilp Aperia, located on Iscon Ambli Road, is an impressive commercial project developed by Shiilp Group. The name 'Aperia' comes from 'Aperio,' which means to reveal or uncover, signifying the project's focus on innovation and transparency. Shiilp Aperia is thoughtfully designed with extensive parking facilities to accommodate a high volume of visitors and tenants. The structure features multiple levels of retail spaces, offering a diverse range of shopping and dining options. As you move upward, the building transitions into modern office spaces, equipped with state-of-the-art amenities to support the future of work. Strategically positioned, Shiilp Aperia is close to essential civic utilities, ensuring that all necessary services are within easy reach. Additionally, its proximity to public transport hubs makes it highly accessible, catering to the convenience of both employees and visitors.

5. Office for Rent in Prahladnagar

Located at Prahladnagar, one of Ahmedabad's prime areas, Goyal Palladium is a prestigious development by the esteemed Goyal & Co. With over a decade of expertise in real estate project management, Goyal & Co. is a well-known name in Gujarat's real estate industry.

Goyal Palladium combines world-class architecture with ultra-modern amenities and captivating design. The property offers attractive, spacious, and move-in ready commercial and corporate office spaces for rent in Ahmedabad.

The building's design features interwoven and shifted elements that embody urban dynamism. From a distance, its multifaceted design exudes exclusivity and is visually appealing. Goyal Palladium is an international-quality commercial center, providing a contemporary and exquisite design for your professional space.

6. Office for Rent in Science City

Located on Science City Road, one of Ahmedabad's premier areas, The Capital 2 is a prestigious development by the esteemed builders group, known for their extensive experience in real estate project management spanning over a decade.

The corporate building boasts a harmonious blend of world-class architecture and cutting-edge amenities, providing stylish, spacious, and ready-to-occupy commercial and corporate office spaces for rent in Ahmedabad.

The building's design features interwoven and dynamic elements that embody urban sophistication. From afar, its multifaceted architecture exudes exclusivity and visual appeal. It stands as an international standard commercial center, offering modern and elegant design for professional spaces.

Office for Rent in Naranpura

Developed by the best commercial builders of Ahmedbad, this commercial space, nestled in the heart of Naranpura, a sought-after locale in Ahmedabad, this commercial property is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship by a renowned developer group with a rich legacy in real estate. Boasting a seamless fusion of contemporary design and state-of-the-art facilities, it presents chic, expansive, and move-in-ready office spaces for lease. The architectural layout showcases a dynamic interplay of elements, epitomizing urban elegance. Its striking facade radiates sophistication and allure, establishing it as a premier corporate hub offering modern, refined spaces for businesses.

Office for Rent in SG Highway

Situated along SG Highway, a prominent locale in Ahmedabad, the World Trade Tower represents a prestigious development by a renowned builders group with over a decade of expertise in real estate project management. This corporate edifice presents a seamless fusion of state-of-the-art architecture and contemporary amenities, offering stylish, expansive, and readily available commercial and corporate office spaces for lease in Ahmedabad. The structure's design showcases intricate and dynamic features that epitomize urban elegance. Its multifaceted architecture exudes an aura of exclusivity and aesthetic allure, establishing it as a premier international standard commercial hub, providing modern and sophisticated professional environments.

Office for Rent in Vastrapur

The First is the newest venture from the esteemed Synthesis Spacelinks group, situated in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. It has been granted a 7-star rating by CRISIL and holds RERA approval.

This commercial hub offers sophisticated accommodations suitable for both corporate entities and individual offices. Featuring cutting-edge amenities, it presents an optimal environment for any business entity, owing to its well-designed floor layouts and integrated commercial and corporate zones.

Positioned at a prime Ahmedabad location, The First offers convenient access to banking facilities, ATMs, hospitals, and various other essential services. For commuters, a range of transportation options including buses, taxis, autos, cabs, and even rental bicycles are readily available nearby.

10. Office for Rent in CG Road

Samedh Complex, nestled in the heart of C G Road, one of Ahmedabad's most prestigious business districts. This immaculate office space offers an unparalleled opportunity for businesses seeking a prime location with modern amenities. Boasting sleek architectural design and expansive windows that flood the space with natural light, every corner exudes sophistication and functionality. Whether you're a startup, a growing enterprise, or a seasoned corporation, this office provides the ideal canvas to cultivate creativity, collaboration, and success. With convenient access to transportation, dining options, and other essential services, Samedh Complex ensures that every aspect of your workday is seamless and efficient. Elevate your business to new heights in this distinguished setting, where every detail is designed to inspire excellence.

Bottom Line

These were the best and affordable commercial office spaces for rent we have curated for you. Whether you are a startup or a small business firm, these office spaces for rent in ahmedabad within 30k to 50k are perfect for your businesses.

If you need more details for these properties or want to inquire for the same, kindly contact RES Management and find the right office for your business.

Thank you for reading!

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