Australia's University of Wollongong to Open in GIFT City by 2023

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Australia's University of Wollongong to Open in GIFT City by 2023

Gujarat’s GIFT City’s popularity is increasing tremendously, and 2023 has brought some really good news for Gujarat, as the big business owners are all ready to set their feet on the Indian grounds at Gujarat’s GIFT City. After Google, Silicon Valley Bank and Morgan Stanley, Australia’s University of Wollongong queued up to be a part of the GIFT City.

Dharmendra Pradhan, India’s Union Education Minister, on 1st of March 2023, announced that two Australian universities - Wollongong and Deakin will open their campuses in GIFT City, India. Confirming this statement, Jason Clare, the Australian Education Minister, announced on the 2nd of March, 2023 Thursday that the University of Wollongong is ready to start its education operations and the admission process by the end of 2023.

Jason Clare also added that the university would initially have small finance and STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). However, the Ausi minister did not ring any alarms about the Deakin University operations, but he confirmed the fact that Australia would be setting 3 college campuses in total following the University of Wollongong.

The Indian minister added to his statement that the Australian education system, affordable education, skill development, vocational training and education quality for youngsters has made India open their arms for foreign institutes to have their existence on Indian lands. With this incredible decision, Indian students would not need to leave their home countries in search of higher and better education.

Impact on GIFT City

If you are our regular reader, then you will already be knowing about the biggest decisions regarding GIFT City:

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GIFT City is undoubtedly all set to be one of the largest all-rounder hub housing firms from all sectors, including financial, medical, banking, and educational firms.

With these incredible decisions for GIFT City, almost every sector will be positively impacted, as it will create more job vacancies, increase the cash flow in the economy, significant growth in real estate industry, demand for more residential and commercial properties, more use of laborers, and a better lifestyle for everyone. But most importantly, the real estate industry will be impacted the most as this has increased the demand for investing in Ahmedabad commercial properties and GIFT City, starting the good times for real estate consultants.

Over to You

Before ending this informative article for you, we want to repeat the statement for you to learn about the bright future of GIFT City and that you really do not want to miss the golden chance of investing in GIFT City. The days are not so far enough when GIFT City will be known as India's fastest emerging global financial hub and the largest vacancy generator. 

Kindly take this statement as an alarm to invest in GIFT City, own an office for sale in GIFT City, have your own abode in the emerging global financial hub, etc. Consult the best real estate consultants from RES Management and easily find the right commercial for your business.

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