Capgemini Expansion into Gujarat GIFT City For Boosting IT Industry

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  • Author: Vishwanath Vyas
  • July 25, 2023
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The popularity of Gandhinagar’s Gujarat International Finance Tech City, AKA GIFT City, has reached France. After banking, financial, educational, insurance, and funding agencies, even the technology sector has decided to have its existence in the new-age emerging tech hub, GIFT City.

Capgemini, a France-based multinational company, has announced to open their 500-seat new office at GIFT City and upgrade their existing operating space with a modern-day infrastructure at Pune’s Talwade campus. The above announcement was made when India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a two-day trip to France on July 13 and 14, 2023.

The French multinational company has also reaffirmed its dedication to Indian talent and built new-age innovation tech hubs with lavish modern-day infrastructure. Adding to this, the French MNC has also confirmed that it will offer training and upskilling initiatives for its employees as well as the general public (those who are not the company’s employees).

With all these exceptional contributions to emerging Indian talent and an abundance of new employment and business opportunities, Capgemini is also playing a vital role in France-India Cooperation.

Recently, the MNC set up a 6G research lab in north India’s tech hub, Gurugram, and a 5G research lab in India’s metropolitan city, Mumbai, which is said to develop advanced energy-saving solutions, testbeds, and simulators to explore the usage scenarios for next-gen wireless networks. Out of all Capgemini’s innovation hubs, the Indian business hub is the group’s largest innovation hub.

By 2025, Capgemini has estimated a goal for which it will have installed advanced energy management systems on all its Indian campuses. Also, last year, the French MNC Group developed an ECC (Energy Command Centre) in south India’s silicon valley, Bangalore, to control and track its energy asset operations with the assistance of AI analytics, IoT, and digitalization. With all these innovations, the ECC has already reduced energy consumption by 29% in 2022.

For the Mumbai and Noida campuses, Capgemini Group has been using a state-of-the-art innovative solution called BESS (Battery Energy Storage Solution) and 11.5 MWp solar plants on the campus premises for carbon emission reductions of 70,000+ tonnes every year.

Leader’s Speak

Aiman Ezzat, the CEO of Capgemini, stated, “The various Centers of Excellence also make the country a global business platform for Capgemini. We are looking forward to the opportunities that will open up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit and further strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries.”

The French MNC group already has a large Indian team of ~180,000 members spread across 13 Indian cities- Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Coimbatore, Gandhinagar, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Pune, Salem and Trichy.

Final Verdict

According to RES Management’s real estate consultants, GIFT City’s speedy, extraordinary and international infrastructure is playing a significant role in attracting more and more multinational companies to GIFT City. Whether you want to invest in or own an office for sale in GIFT City, this is the best to execute your decision.

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