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Top 10 Commercial Properties for Rent/lease in Ahmedabad

Location plays a vital role in making a business successful, and Ahmedabad has become one of the best locations in India to set up businesses in these recent years, making the Ahmedabad real estate market reach at its top of all time. The development project of GIFT City has become a cherry on top for real estate investors worldwide.

The blooming real estate market has also increased the number of commercial property making it much more difficult for businesses to find the right commercial office space for rent for their business.

From startups to multinational companies, every business is in a race of finding a office for rent that speaks for their business.

But, what if we tell you that, finding the right office space for rent for your business has become easier than you think?

Today in this blog, we have shortlisted Ahmedabad’s top commercial offices for rent, that will fit your business image and requirements for sure.

1. Commercial Office Space for Rent at Sindhubhavan Road

Sindhubhavan road has always been the forest preference of business owners to set up their offices. This prie location of Ahmedabad houses the offices of countries top businesses and hospitality spaces.

A 1150 square feet office space is available for rent on Sindhubhavan Road. The space features two cabins and six seating areas, along with a reception and waiting area. Ideal for businesses seeking a well-appointed office setup with ample seating arrangements and a professional reception area. This space offers convenience and functionality for conducting business activities efficiently. 2. Office for Rent at Thaltej

Thaltej can be said as an underrated prime location of Ahmedabad, making Thaltej a emerging commercial area of the vibrant city. But as we know, investment in real estate can never go in vein.

This 1160 sq ft office space on Thaltej-Shilaj Road features three cabins, five seating areas, a reception, and a waiting area. This setup offers ample room for private meetings and collaborative work, while the reception and waiting areas cater to clients and visitors. The location's accessibility and amenities make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a professional and functional workspace. 3. Office Workspace for Rent at Sindhubhavan Road

Commercial properties at Sindhubhavan do not bother with the size of your business, whether you are a small business or a large MNC, Sindhubhavan Road has office spaces for rent for all types of businesses. One such top office for rent in Ahmedabad is this 836sq.ft office with a capacity of 7 workstations, accompanied with 1 cabin and a conference room.

This office is ideal for a small team or startup, it offers a conducive environment for productive meetings and collaborative work. With a strategic location, it provides convenience and accessibility for business operations and client meetings. 4. Commercial Office for Rent at Sindhubhavan Road

Once again we have an office for rent at Sindhubhavan Road. This 1300 sq ft office space located on Sindhubhavan road has three cabins and a vacancy of 16 workstations. With a prime location and ample space, it offers a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

The three cabins provide privacy for managerial or confidential discussions, while the seating arrangement accommodates a sizable team, fostering collaboration and productivity within the workspace. 5. Office for Rent at Vastrapur

Ahmedabad itself is a prime location for real estate investment, but still, the development of new commercial hubs in the city, there are certain locations that still holds a special place in the hearts of commercial investors, which is why we shortlisted a property at Ahmedabad’s old as gold commercial hub, Vastrapur.

This office space, spanning 1300 square feet on Sindhubhavan Road, boasts three cabins and accommodates seating for up to 16 individuals. The layout is ideal for fostering both privacy and collaboration. With designated cabins for private meetings or individual workspaces, and ample seating for team gatherings, it provides a versatile environment tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized teams or companies. 6. Commercial for Rent at Bopal

Just like Sindhubhavan, Bopal is one such area that has won over business owners’ hearts in a short period of time, making it difficult for businesses to find the right office space for rent at Bopal. Which is why, we searched this amazing commercial space of 826 square feet is available for rent in Bopal, offering 8 workstations, a cabin, reception area, and pantry.

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, this office setup provides a functional layout conducive to productivity and professionalism. Situated in a prime location, it offers convenience and accessibility for clients and employees alike, making it a desirable choice for businesses seeking a well-equipped workspace in the area. 7. Office Space for Rent at Science City

Just like Thaltej, Science City road is another underrated commercial hub of Ahmedabad. There was a time when Science City was considered as outskirts of Ahmedabad, but not anymore. The speedy development of commercial properties at Science City has busted this myth within no time.

This office space, located on Science City Road, is spread over an area of 1850 square feet and includes two cabins along with a conference room and 40 workstations. This setup offers a conducive environment for collaborative work and meetings. With designated cabins for privacy and a spacious conference area, it accommodates both individual tasks and group discussions effectively, catering to diverse work needs. 8. Office for Rent at Shyamal

Shyamal, the former prime location for residential properties have got a new name as the new commercial hub of Ahmedabad, after the development of most amazing commercial properties like Shilp Zaveri.

This commercial office space for rent at Shilp Zaveri, Shyamal, is a perfect affordable option for small startups.

The 685 sq ft office space at Shyamal includes one cabin and seating for up to 10 individuals. This configuration offers a balance between private workspace and collaborative areas, making it suitable for small to medium-sized teams. The presence of a cabin allows for confidential meetings or focused work, while the seating arrangement accommodates team discussions and interactions. 9. Commercial Office for Rent at SG Highway

Talking about all the major commercial hubs of Ahmedabad, how can we forget to talk about Ahmedabad’s best and one of the first commercial hub, SG Highway. This has been the most premium location for setting up an office in Ahmedabad.

That’s why, we have shortlisted a office for rent at the Ahmedabad’s most premium location. This office space measures to 926 square feet, offering two cabins and seating for ten individuals.

Located in a prime area, this space provides an ideal environment for small to medium-sized businesses. With two cabins for private meetings or individual workspaces and ample seating for a team of ten, it offers a versatile and functional layout for professional endeavors. 10. Office Workspace for Rent at SG Highway

This is a spacious office space measuring 10,500 square feet is available for rent on SG Highway. It features 10 cabin rooms and a conference room along with 145 workstations.

Ideal for businesses seeking extensive space for operations and meetings, this property offers a convenient location and versatile layout to accommodate various professional needs on the bustling SG Highway.

Bottom Line

Ahmedabad presents a diverse array of top commercial properties available for rent or lease, catering to the dynamic needs of businesses in the region. With a range of options spanning prime locations such as SG Highway, Sindhubhavan Road, and Bopal, among others, businesses can find spaces tailored to their specific requirements, whether it's for office setups, retail outlets, or industrial facilities. These properties boast modern amenities, strategic connectivity, and proximity to essential services, ensuring convenience and efficiency for tenants. As Ahmedabad continues to flourish as a commercial hub, securing a commercial property in this vibrant city offers businesses the opportunity to thrive and expand within a dynamic and growing market. Hope your search for best commercial office for rent in Ahmedabad was eased up with the list of these premium properties. If you need further information about these properties or want to surf through other premium offices for rent in Ahmedabad, visit RES Management, and for any real estate guidance, contact us and let the best real estate agents guide you through the journey. Thank you for reading!

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