Gandhinagar GIFT City To Be Gifted With Riverfront

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Gandhinagar GIFT City To Be Gifted With Riverfront

Gujarat’s GIFT City is itself a gift to the Indian Financial industry. But now, the GIFT city is about to get a gift of riverfront to the landscape. In a significant stride towards urban development, Gandhinagar's GIFT City is all set to be adorned with a magnificent riverfront. 

Riverfront’s transformative project is poised to enhance the city's aesthetic appeal and catalyze economic growth, making it a sought-after destination for real estate investment and commercial ventures. With a prime focus on sustainable urban planning and modern infrastructure, this riverfront development promises to reshape Gandhinagar's skyline and redefine its status as a global financial and commercial hub.

If everything goes as planned, Gandhinagar residents will not need to long to Ahmedabad to enjoy the pleasure of Sabarmati riverbanks. After almost nine years of wait, the riverfront plan is picking up its development pace in 2023.

Source: Times Of India

The Narmada Water Resources Water Supply and Kalpsar Department have initiated a bidding process to develop a 9.3 km section from the PDPU bridge to the Shahpur bridge, resembling the riverfront in Ahmedabad. The first phase of this ambitious project is estimated to require an investment of Rs. 353.58 crores.

The government has extensively planned to develop the GIFT area in the project's first phase. The technical details for the 9.3 km long riverfront up to Sant Sarovar in Gandhinagar have been thoroughly worked out. The water level of the riverfront will be skillfully maintained by irrigation water from Narmada Canal and proposed sewerage treatment plants in the GUDA area. Water will be drawn from the Lakorda weir in case of any requirement.

One of the senior department officers confirmed this project’s development by stating the layout of GIFT City’s riverfront, “There will be 4 ghats on both sides of the riverbanks, and there will be five points on both banks to access the GIFT riverfront. People can get to the riverfront at Dholeshwar temple, Raysan and Randesan village. Those living on the Institute of Seismological Research (ISR) and IIT Gandhinagar campuses will also have direct access to the riverfront.”

Furthermore, the senior official was asked to share more about the proportional spaces allocated to public and commercial spaces, and the official stated, “A special governing council will be responsible for formulating policies for the development of the riverfront.”

Economic Impetus and Real Estate Opportunities

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this riverfront development is its potential for economic growth and real estate expansion. The integration of lush green spaces, commercial zones, and residential areas is expected to create a thriving ecosystem that attracts businesses and investors from across the globe. The availability of offices for sale within the GIFT City riverfront development is a game-changer in the region's real estate sector.  

Real estate consultants and property management professionals are already eyeing this project as a remarkable opportunity for their clients. With an expansive riverfront enhancing the overall allure of the city, property values are projected to rise, making this a prime time for investors to secure their positions in this emerging real estate hotspot. 

Furthermore, the emphasis on sustainable practices and modern infrastructure ensures that the city will remain attractive to businesses and residents in the long run, solidifying its position as a robust real estate market.

A Vision for the Future

GIFT City's riverfront development represents more than just a physical transformation; it embodies a vision for a smarter, more sustainable, and economically vibrant Gandhinagar. As the project gains momentum, it is expected to attract attention on a national and international scale. Investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to establish a foothold in a thriving commercial environment will likely flock to GIFT City.

With each passing day, the dream of a riverfront adorned with state-of-the-art infrastructure and breathtaking vistas edges closer to reality. The collaborative efforts of urban planners, architects, real estate consultants, and various stakeholders are converging to create a truly iconic urban development that will be a testament to human ingenuity and innovation.

In Conclusion

Gandhinagar's GIFT City riverfront development is poised to be a gift that keeps on giving. Its impact on the city's skyline, economy, and real estate sector cannot be overstated. As this ambitious project continues to unfold, it brings to light the potential of well-planned urban developments to shape the future of cities and create vibrant, sustainable communities. 

The city's journey from conceptualization to realization is a testament to the power of visionary thinking and collaborative action, and it is a journey that the world is watching with anticipation. With dedicated real estate consultants of RES Management, you don’t have to worry about finding the best commercial space in GIFT City.

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