Investing in commercial real estate has always proven profitable. Ever since demonetization, even though the real estate market crashed, the real estate situation in Ahmadabad has remained stable with minor fluctuations. Groups like RES Management helped maintain a stable real estate market in Ahmadabad by providing informed and qualitative real estate solutions.

Get all you want in Ahmadabad.

Ahmadabad, unlike other metros, provides huge returns on investments. It's business atmosphere has proven to provide a wide scope for growth.

Being the home ground of Gujjus, the business features of the city is always flourishing.

Industrial properties have drastically increased in the past few years. The rapid growth of the corporate sector demands a large number of employees coming in from various parts of the world. This, in turn, has helped increase the need for residential properties in Ahmadabad.

Major companies like Tata, Ford, ONGC, Maruti Suzuki, etc have expanded their space in Ahmadabad and many others seem determined to follow in their footsteps.

Prahlad Road, S.G Nagar, and Ashram Road happen to be the prime locations for commercial complexes yielding huge amounts of profits.

SG Highway becomes the gold-digging spot for realtors as it's a major commercial location. This is so as SG Highway provides connectivity to various localities within the city. Presently, most of the industrial and residential development is occurring in localities situated along the highway; Chandkheda happens to be another major commercial spot as its been observing rapid development. Most prefer Chandkheda over the SG Highway as the prices are cheaper.

With the RES management, you would get information regarding the latest prices, availability & ready to possess, etc. We will help you in taking the right decision in buying a private commercial property. We will help you to make informed decisions about comparative tax and also labour costs.

If you are looking for a safe and most profitable
investment opportunity then investing in Ahmadabad's commercial property with a little help from RES management would be a smart choice!