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GIFT City to Get its First AI Park by Eros

The AI revolution has reached India, where the country’s leading global media, Eros has signed an MOU on Wednesday in Gandhinagar with the Gujarat government to launch India’s first-of-the-kind Artificial Intelligence park (AI park), called Immerso AI Park with Narendra Modi’s new vision.

The total investment by Eros is estimated to be of ₹16,000 crores and it will be fully-functioned by mid-2005. The development of this AI park is surely a backbone of technological revolution, research, development and innovation.

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According to an official statement, the Immerso AI Park's strategy will be based on the principles of ethical AI. To achieve this, they plan to gather a vast amount of training data and tokens to create native foundation models across various industry verticals. These models will then serve as the basis for a platform that can be utilized by the academia, startup ecosystem, and large-scale enterprise technology companies alike. By doing so, the Immerso AI Park aims to become a hub for ethical AI development, research, and innovation.

GIFT City’s AI Park will feature:

  1. Immerso AI University: This university will offer a complete curriculum for Generative AI and Deep Technology, as well as diploma courses for professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills. In addition to providing educational opportunities, the university will also serve as a research and development hub for innovation in the field of Deep Technology and Generative AI.

  1. Immerso AI Data Center: The establishment of this data center, in collaboration with its strategic partners, aims to provide top-notch cloud architecture and infrastructure for businesses seeking to operate high-quality technology across various fields such as generative AI, gaming, IoT, and extended reality.

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The Immerso AI Park is designed to facilitate the growth and collaboration of international deep technology and generative AI startups. 

In addition to providing a specific zone for research and training purposes, the park also offers significant opportunities for incubation and development. 

As a result, startups can benefit from a supportive environment that encourages innovation and technology-driven solutions.

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Adding more to this, the CEO of Immerso AI, Ali Hussein stated, “India is ready for the next surge of digital revolution, the right infrastructure and academia will be instrumental to support this growth, we cherish the vision of Digital India and are excited to partner with the Government of Gujarat to drive scale, innovation, support enterprise and skill development in the state.”

Furthermore to this, Mona Khandar, the Principal Secretary, IAS - Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat also shared her thoughts about this, “Deep Technology and Generative AI will be the foundation of industry going forward and the Department of Science and Technology in Gujarat is going to pave the path for this growth for Indian enterprises and global technology companies also. Our strategic partnership with Eros Investment is the foundation of this architecture to develop this ecosystem.”

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Bottom Line

The announcement of the ₹16,000 crore AI park by Eros Investments marks a significant milestone in India's journey towards harnessing the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. 

By investing in cutting-edge infrastructure, fostering collaboration, and nurturing talent, this ambitious project has the potential to redefine India's economic trajectory and propel it towards becoming a global leader in AI technology and innovation.  

As we embark on this transformative journey, let us seize the opportunity to shape a future where technology serves as a catalyst for inclusive growth, prosperity, and sustainable development. With the establishment of the AI park, India is poised to lead the world into a new era of innovation, creativity, and progress.

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