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SVB Game-Changing $200 Million Shift to GIFT City

Technology is such a thing that any boundaries do not bind it. But in March 2023, the tech sector was hit hard by a major bank collapse - Silicon Valley Bank.Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), once counted as one of the major American Banks that helped millions of Indian American and Indian startups for almost four decades and became the largest bank in Si

Benefits of Coworking Office Spaces

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular for those who operate small businesses or work independently. They provide a collaborative working environment with a range of different amenities and services that can help enhance productivity and collaboration.What is a “Coworking Space”?In general, "Coworking" refers to a situation in which

Commercial Real Estate Trends to Know in 2023

The picture for CRE in 2023 suggests there might be difficulties in the future. The future of office space is uncertain, and retail is at a turning point. The commercial real estate outlook does include a few promising signs, though. The trend for industrial properties is still strong, while multifamily complexes continue to do well.Stay Updated on

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